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Week Of: March 1st


  Learning Targets Assignments Due Materials Needed

Readers reflect the tone or mood of the poem while reading aloud. Readers reread poems and think about what sections or parts of the poem developed a deeper meaning. Writers use poetic tools to communicate their message.

Reading Responses, Imagine Language (90 minutes/week), Read 30 minutes/day (student choice) Digital Reader's Notebook, Independent Reading Book, Interactive Read Alouds, Pear Deck Presentations, Anchor Charts, Digital Writer's Notebook, Book Creator
Math Compare, order, and round decimals. Solve addition and subtraction problems with decimals to the thousandths place. Advanced Math: Solve multistep practical problems using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of decimals. Google Classroom Assignments, Horizon Exit Tickets, Math Warm Ups and ST Math (90 minutes/week) Pear Deck Presentations, Slide Decks, pencil, paper, whiteboards, dry erase markers
Science Investigate and understand the characteristics of electricity. Key concepts include a) conductors and insulators; b) basic circuits; c) static electricity; d) the ability of electrical energy to be transformed into light and motion, and to produce heat; e) simple electromagnets and magnetism. (This unit begins 2/16) Google Classroom Assignments and Exit Tickets Pear Deck Presentations, Slide Decks, and Videos
Social Studies The American Revolution Unit (begins 3/16)    

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