Sixth Grade Team

                  6th Grade Teacher's Virtual Schedules


Week Of: December 7th


  Learning Targets Assignments Due Materials Needed

Students will be revising and editing their historical writing journal.

Students will begin reading fiction in their book clubs.

Respond to questions that they generate in Book Clubs. 

Online Writers notebook 

Digital Readers Notebook 


Independent Reading book

Imagine Learning and Literacy 


Students will continue to learn how solve to multiplication and division questions in the real word and how to show arrays.

Grade 7: Identify and describe absolute value of rational numbers. 

Students will continue to work on lessons prepared through platforms such as: Demos Math, Google Slide Lessons through Pear deck and Edpuzzle to represent to solve real word math problems 

Math notebook colored pencil, ruler, calculator, white board, marker and erasers, ST Math

Grade 7: VDOE On-line interactive. Investigating Absolute Value in the real-world (google slides). Absolute Value Memory Game. Absolute Value True or False Sort. ST Math negative numbers on a thermometer


This is a Social Studies focused week.


Social Studies

Students will continue to work on American Indians. and


Students will create a field guide and create a shadowbox. 

Empty shoebox, construction paper, glue scissors and markers. (Other supplies as students decides what they what you use to retreat an American Indian Village. 

6th Grade Supply List

6th Grade FCPS Curriculum