Sixth Grade Team

                  6th Grade Teacher's Virtual Schedules


Week Of: May 3rd


  Learning Targets Assignments Due Materials Needed

Students will be working on writing short passages that state a main idea details and summarizes.  Students will also be working on research projects that will correlate to lessons being taught in Social Studies. 

Students will continue reading non-fiction passages and poetry in reading groups. 


Online Writers notebook and Book Creator.

Digital Readers Notebook, MYON, Independent Reading book, Imagine Learning and Literacy, Imagine Reading 



Students will learn how to solve two step equations, linear equations and algebraic word problems. 


Demos Math, Google Slide, Pear deck, Quizziz and  Edpuzzle to represent and solve real word math problems. 

Math notebook colored pencil, ruler, calculator, white board, marker and erasers, ST Math website.


A new science unit is planned to begin the week of April 26th. 


Social Studies

Students will continue to learn about Colonial America and will be tested the week of April 19th. 

Students will continue to work on lessons prepared through platforms such as: Google Slide, Pear deck, Edpuzzle, MyOn and Newsela


6th Grade Supply List

6th Grade FCPS Curriculum